Rafał Malinowski - CV

rkvalue (since May 2013)

As self employed C++/Qt consultant I have worked with following companies:

Stellar (Since September 2016)

As a C++ developer I'm responsible for developing stellar-core - backend of Stellar system.

UseCrypt (February 2016 - August 2016)

As a C++/Qt developer I was responsible for improving architecture, stability and performance of encryption suite.

Spoon.net (March 2014 - December 2015)

As a C++/C# developer I was responsible for developing Windows Shell Extension and client application.

Samsung R&D Institute Poland (September 2013 - February 2014)

As a C++ developer I was responsible for improving stability and performance of middleware software for embeded hardware.

Arise sp. z o.o. (May 2013 - August 2013)

As a C++/Qt developer I was responsible for improving performance, stability and structure of financial software. My main focus was on adding cache solutions in various places of application and decoupling GUI code from business logic.

Bluecherry DVR (January 2013 - August 2013)

As a C++/Qt/QML developer I was responsible for implementing new features, improving stability and creating packages/installers for surveillance video application.

Cognifide (October 2008 - April 2013)

In Cognifide I've started as C#/EpiServer developer where I was part of team that developed CMS Web application for Setanta Sports.

Later I was moved to Java/CQ5 team where I was responsible for implementing CQ5 CMS applications:

PSNC (April 2007 - September 2008)

In PSNC I've done various small projects:

  • WebDAV client addon for Firefox (Javascript, COM, XUL and XML)
  • WebDAV client addon for Gridsphere/Vine toolkit (Java)
  • Saml2 authentication module for Apache httpd (C)
  • Fixes in WebDAV Apache httpd module (added MOVE/COPY to remote servers)
  • Improving Heimdal Kerberos 5 authentication library

GamesNET.pl (February 2006 - February 2007)

My responsibilities included developing company website and server management tool (HTML, Javascript, PHP). I was also in charge of administrating Linux based gaming servers.

More7 (June 2004 - January 2006)

I was developing CRM applications for various clients, including Fakro (PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML). I've implemented XML based framework for code generation that greatly increased team productivity.

Injeqt (Since 2014)

Injeqt is a dependency injection framework for C++/Qt.

This project is meant to support developing Kadu. It is created to allow C++ developers use similar techniques of breaking programs in smaller parts as Guice allows for Java programmers.

Kadu (Since 2004)

Kadu is an open-source IM application with Gadu-Gadu and XMPP/Jabber support. It is very popular in Poland for its stability, configurability and ease of use.

I develop this project in my spare time to learn new techniques and to study their strong and weak points. I've done major rewrites of critical parts of the code to achievie greater stability and to keep it maintenable and extendable.


M.Sc. in Computer Science, Poznan University of Technology (2006 - 2008)

„Generating database applications from XML descriptions”

B.Sc. in Computer Science, Poznan University of Technology (2003-2006)

„Communications Suite - SAP R/3 communication with the world”


  • Languages: C++, C, Java, C#, PHP, Javascript, QML, Python, Ruby, Haskell
  • Libraries: Qt, Sling, Jackrabbit, CRX, OSGi, gstreamer, libav, libotr
  • CMS: CQ5, EpiServer
  • Tools: Linux, bash, CMake
  • Other: Apache, MySQL, Tomcat


  • Polish - native
  • English - fluent